Research & Analytical Laboratories, Inc. provides a full range of analytical services from fast turn-around/high volume to highly specialized analyses and customized services. Since much of our analytical testing services are regulatory driven, RAL has developed a user friendly web site designed to identify specific federal/state monitoring categories which include the following: 
Select the links to access specific chemical testing categories. To make an order for specific analytical tests use the code number or parameter name for each parameter found in the above analytical testing categories and go to PDF forms and use the Chain of Custody Record form or one of the Regulatory forms to order from. For example, if you were a municipal NPDES permit holder and wanted to inquire or order specific analytical tests or parameters you would: 
   Go to NPDES Permit/Wastewater 
   Select parameters by code number 
   Select Chain of Custody form 
   Fill out information on Chain of Custody 
   Send to RAL

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