The history of Research & Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (RAL) actually goes back over eighty (80) years to just after World War I when three Captain's from the Corps of Engineers established an engineering practice in Springfield, Missouri and later expanded and incorporated as Russell & Axon Engineers , Planners, Architects. This expansion led to our present day subsidiary Research & Analytical Laboratories, Inc., as well as Russell & Axon International serving foreign clients primarily in the Mid-East. The importance of this integration between analytical testing capabilities, professional engineering, and geotechnical services has enabled the present day RAL, Inc. to be unique in the environmental testing industry by providing a consultants approach to the environmental data it produces in house for its clients. The results of this development over the last several decades were the improvement of analytical testing capabilities by chemists, biologists, engineers and other technical staff that have integrated their own technical disciplines with practical applications of engineering and geoscience. The credibility of the data generated reinforced the recommendations made by RAL's professional personnel. 

Today, Research and Analytical Laboratories, Inc. is owned by the principals which started the company for Russell & Axon in the 1970's. Our mission is to provide analytical services to industry as well as non-competitive engineering/geotechnical support services which compliment the services provided by the professional consultant. RAL, Inc. has been specifically created to: 

  • Test all media including water, soil/sediment, and air. 
  • Competitive way designed to compliment and enhance those professional services.
  • Research and consult concerning compliance problems associated with the Federal Clean Water Act. 
  • Operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment facilities for municipal, industrial, and private systems including groundwater remediation systems. 

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