Research & Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (RAL) provides clients with a broad spectrum of environmental testing, environmental consulting, scientific, and environmental engineering services. The quality of these services is assured through the combination of experienced, highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art technology. RAL has the unique ability to develop projects from the initial investigative and analytical phase through final construction of the optimum solution. 

A summary of the primary areas of RAL's expertise is as follows: 

Full Service Environmental Testing Laboratory: 

•       Testing of all media including water, soil/sediment, and air 
•       Organics analyses 
•       Inorganics analyses 
•       Biotoxicity testing and Toxicity Reduction Evaluations (TRE) 

Fully staffed and qualified Field Services Department: 

•        Contract O&M for water and wastewater treatment plants including municipal,    
          industrial, and private systems. 
•        O&M services for groundwater remediation systems 
•        ORC Services 
•        Temporary O&M staffing and part time O&M assistance 
•        Groundwater monitoring and testing ​

Environmental Consulting Services: 

       Stream Studies and Biological Assessments 
       Troubleshooting of water and wastewater treatment facilities 
       Pretreatment Studies 
•               Industrial Waste Minimization Studies 
•              Wastewater Characterization Studies, Flow Studies, I&I Studies, Headworks Analyses 
       Hazardous Waste Management Plans, Contingency Plans, Solvent Management Plans 
       Air Monitoring including Method 5 Stack Testing 
       Stormwater Monitoring and Reporting 
       Planning and Conceptual Design Services 
       Process Design Services 
       Stormwater Management Plan Preparation 
       Spill Control Contingency and Countermeasure Plans 
       Potable Water System Evaluations and Corrosion Control Studies 

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