Invariably, small companies, typically found in the environmental testing industry, take on the personality, experience, and work habits of its their ownership. For over the last twenty-eight (28) years, Research & Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (RAL) has utilized a team building approach in the acquisition of key personnel specifically selected to integrate the environmental testing services with other field and engineering support services. 

RAL's staff, comprised of approximately forty (40) employees, do not operate in a vacuum nor are they one dimensional, but rather have hands-on experience concerning the environmental problems that industry, municipalities, and the private sector face everyday. RAL goes far beyond the QA/QC and professional certifications of the environmental testing industry by providing hands-on experience that for, example, has identified matrix interferences that may have gone undetected using standard testing protocol. This may, in part, be a reason why RAL has retained over 95% of its client base over the last several decades and has experienced less than 5% turnaround of its employees. 

RAL's commitment to its employees by providing the best possible benefits program in health care, retirement, and other compensations has provided an environmental services product that our clients have come to rely on and trust. 

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